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Personalized Search-and-Find books

Our hidden object books are perfect gifts for anyone who loves to go on a journey of discovery. Make your child the main character of their very own hidden object book and send them on a journey through Europe or around the world. Can they find themselves in every country?


A train journey through Europe

Send your child on an adventurous journey through Europe with our personalized hidden object book. They'll learn about the diversity of European cultures, sights and cities. From the majestic Alps to the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean, this book takes your child on a unique train journey through Europe. Can they find themselves in every country? And will they find the secret message you've hidden for them? An exciting adventure for little explorers!


An exciting worldwide adventure

Would you like to send your child on an even more exciting journey? In our personalized Search-and-Find World book, your child can search for themselves in ten countries around the world. There are lots of country-specific things to discover on every page. Will they find the secret message you've hidden? A wonderful gift for anyone who loves adventure!


A secret message for them to find!

When creating the book, you have the option of adding a secret message. If the child receiving the gift finds the unique secret code in their book, they'll receive your message as a reward. If you like, you can also hide a small reward in the secret message. A trip to the zoo together or a voucher for going to the cinema together - the choice is yours!

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"Our 5 year old adores her book and can spend hours looking for all the small clues. Even her older sister (8 year old) likes to join in the fun."

Nurit N. about the book "My Search-and-Find World Trip"